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I first began looking to work from home so that I could stay close to my new baby daughter. This was the year 2000, and things were very different back then. The Internet hadn't become common in every home, and finding a legitimate work from home job was often pretty tricky. I bought a learning course that was being advertised on late night TV. It was supposed to teach anyone how to make money at home and it promised it would be easy. After spending nearly one hundred dollars and waiting weeks for it to arrive in the mail, it amounted to nothing more than a few sheets of Xeroxed copies instructing me to go out and re-sell that very same course to the next poor sucker.

I felt defeated, but more than that I felt determined. I continued researching work from home jobs, but it was a challenge--there seemed to be far more unreliable opportunities than decent, honest jobs. I made it my mission right then to change things. I set out to create a new kind of job site--one that contained only carefully screened jobs, free of confusing advertisements, misleading content, and dangerous scams.

Homejobstop has been a worldwide leader in the work from home job market ever since.

We've been operating successfully for over 19 years and we're still going strong. Homejobstop Members enjoy unlimited access to our exclusive, advertisement-free Job Bank, and since we offer lifetime memberships for a low one-time joining fee, you will not incur any additional charges or renewal fees, and your membership will never expire.

Thank you for visiting Homejobstop. The remote, work from home job market is more encouraging than ever and we ensure the highest quality content. I hope you will consider joining and staying with us for many years to come.

Rita Farrow, Owner


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